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Fresh Fruits and Produce

We will be pressing our own apple cider into the month of May - stock up and freeze so you can enjoy it through the summer!



We are hoping to have our own asparagus in the market the beginning of May!

Apples & Cider


In the market we have our own Stayman Winesap! We have seconds only of our own Red Delicious, Fuji and Nittany.  You can get 1st quality Golden Delicious, Fuji and Pink Lady from Eastern US.  also have Pink Lady & Golden Delicious from Eastern US. We will continue to press our fresh apple cider into May!  And cider slushies are back!

Click here for a chart of Brown's own apples and their availability.

Local Fruits & Vegetables

  • Shiitake Mushrooms

Produce from across U.S.

  • Florida Citrus - red grapefruit & honeybells
  • CA Jumbo Navels
  • VA Strawberries-beginning of May